Scaffolding Service at Peak Scaffolding

Our aim is to provide our clients with the best solution to meet their scaffolding requirements.

Peak Scaffolding endeavour not only to supply and erect scaffolding but to also offer advice, help and planning, this ensures our clients receive a safe working platform which maximises productivity and is cost effective.

Experience accumulated over many years within the scaffolding business enables Peak Scaffolding to recommend the best solution for any given project.

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    Scaffold Design.

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    Scaffold Installation and Dismantling.

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    Scaffold Sales and Hire.

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    Pavement permits obtained as required.

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    Hand over & Scaff Tag systems as per clients requirements.

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    Additional scaffold inspections upon clients request.

Scaffolding Systems

Domestic Scaffolding

If you need a scaffolder to set a structure to help with home maintenance, exterior decorating or a similar project, then our scaffolding erectors are here to help. Contact Peak Scaffolding and we will visit your property at the earliest convenient time. We will conduct a free site survey and risk assessment. This will allow our scaffolding experts to figure out how we will go about providing the scaffolding service you require.

Temporary Roofing

Whatever size temporary roofing you require Peak Scaffolding can accommodate you. We can quickly and efficiently set a system that is tailored exactly to your need and budget.

Dead, Flying and Raking Shores

These are temporary structures that temporarily support unsafe constructions. These are primarily used by commercial entities. Flying shores support the party walls of two constructions where an intermediate structure is to be pulled down and rebuilt. Dead shores provide vertical support to walls, roofs and floors when the lower part of a wall is to be removed. Finally, Raking Shores give lateral support to walls.


This form of scaffolding is comprised of a mass of standards that are fixed at regular intervals in parallel lines. These rows are connected by horizontal pieces, ledgers and transforms. Birdcage scaffolding is commonly used on building sites to assist in the construction of single story buildings. Single level and multiple level birdcage scaffolding is an enclosed structure once erected. We often supply birdcage scaffolding to painters, plasterers and decorators who need to access the ceiling of a property under construction. Our team are birdcage experts and can help you assess what type is best for you project.


When it's not possible to set up traditional scaffolding with a base statuted on the ground, a scaffolder may choose to erect a cantilever scaffolding. This angles out from a structure and is generally supported just at one end. Cantilever scaffolding is generally used more cautiously than traditional scaffolding. as it is not designed to hold large quantities of workers, materials and tools. But as it removes the need for full poles and frames in front of the structure, it is very useful in certain situations.

Hoist Towers

This form of scaffolding is most commonly used to transport materials to height where tradesmen are carrying out construction work or building repairs. We often set up hoist towers for commercial clients. When setting up these structures we go to great lengths to ensure we conform to health and safety standards.

Mobile Platform Scaffolding Systems

Peak Scaffolding can provide your project with versatile and lightweight Aluminium frame scaffolding systems which are suitable for light duty access applications. The components are modular in nature and very simple to erect. They have particular use as a mobile scaffold up to 12 metres high. Depending on your location we can also provide static access towers.

If you require any help or advice on which scaffolding system is right for your project please contact us.